Qualified Sites

An effective Pothole Hunter must be able to distinguish between a qualified site and a non-qualified site.

  • Auto dealerships & Car Lots
  • Apartments & Condominiums
  • Banks, Credit Unions & Financial Centers
  • Business Centers & Office Parks
  • Church, Mosque, Synagogue, etc.
  • Hotels, Motels & Casinos
  • Medical Buildings and Office Parks
  • Shopping Center, Mall, Strip Center
  • Schools, Colleges & Universities
  • Warehouse & Industrial Parks
  • 7-Eleven, Convenience Stores & Mini Marts
  • Gas Stations
  • Closed Access Military Bases
  • County Roads
  • Dumpster Areas
  • The rear of Shopping Centers or Malls
  • Single Family Homes or Driveways
  • Townhomes & HOAs
  • Underground Parking Facilities


Your safety is our main concern. 

Hunt only during the daylight hours.

Do not risk your safety by hunting in areas that could pose a risk or exposure to danger.


It is important to understand that some sites include many buildings or just one.  As a pothole hunter, you must be able to recognize what is included in any given site, as we pay for only one report per site – any additional reports will be marked duplicates and discarded.

To understand what constitutes a site, please consider an apartment complex with multiple apartment buildings. For our purposes, even though there may be many parking lots in this complex, it is still just one site. You will be able to recognize this apartment complex as one site by noting the following:


  • There is one name for the complex, usually posted at all or most entrances (The Reserve at Lake Pothole or Pothole Gardens for example).


  • There is one leasing office for the complex – not one in each building. (Note – you will want to get a picture of the leasing info with the name and phone number of the site when filing your report.)


  • The buildings all have a common architecture and color scheme.

An example of a single site with multiple buildings and addresses is most shopping centers. They may have multiple buildings that are under a common roof, or they may have separate buildings entirely. Again, the tip-off is the NAME provided on the signs at entrances and exits – one name – one site. 

When dealing with larger sites, always enter the lowest address in the range (For example – a grocery store is at one end of a shopping center and drug store at the other. One is 10 E Main St and the other is 22 E Main St., while all the stores in the middle have addresses between those two numbers. Please enter the SHOPPING CENTER NAME as the site name and the address as 10 E Main St., the lowest address in the range.

Many commercial properties including shopping centers, office parks, industrial parks, apartment complexes, medical campuses, universities and more may and will have multiple buildings, addresses and parking lots. If there is one name, it is one site and may only be submitted one time.


One name, one site may only be submitted one time.

Large office park campus with several buildings