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Pothole Repair.com™ provides fast, professional service utilizing amazing new technology designed to save you time and money! 
Unlike traditional methods, Pothole Repair.com™ uses a unique, thermal bonding system. 

Our state of the art Hot-In-Place recycling process creates a 
strong seamless bond between the surrounding surface and repair establishing an enduring fix that seals moisture out ending the cycle of deterioration.

We help you maintain and protect your lot by providing service when you need it… not just after you accumulate 
enough damage to justify bringing in heavy equipment and large crews.

With our “right sized” approach to pothole repair, we efficiently service minor repairs that most asphalt paving companies would simply lose money on. By helping you maintain your lot before damage spreads, we save you money and add years to the life of your asphalt.  
 Cost effective, typically saving you 65% compared to traditional methods.

 Durable repair with high quality finish eliminates seams ending the cycle of asphalt deterioration caused by water penetration.

• Quick, quiet and non-intrusive thermal bonding 
technology completes most repairs in about 20 minutes.

• Year round service prevents small potholes from 
growing larger all winter.

• Green sustainable technology recycles waste products on-site reducing carbon footprint 85% over traditional repair methods.

• Repairs guaranteed for 12 full months.

• World-class customer service is unparalleled.

• No job too small – services designed to fix and maintain your parking lot whether you have one pothole or major repairs! 

Pothole Repair.com is the ultimate in niche service providers. When I can’t get my 
“big-boy” asphalt contractors to take care of smaller troublesome potholes, these guys 
are only a phone call away. Economical and green too!! What a great service!”
Samuel J. Cooke, Director of Facilities Management
I had the opportunity to be on site yesterday. 
I was very impressed with the process and the attention to detail paid by your technicians. 
The cost for the scope of the repairs was substantially less than the conventional method of repair. I look forward to working 
with your company in the future.”
Frank Delguercio, Vice President of Property Management
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