Frequently Asked Questions

Answering everything you want to know about potholes and asphalt repair!


Answering everything you want to know about potholes and asphalt repair!

What makes you different from the other guys?

We do only one thing and we do it better than anyone else. We fix potholes. We combine that expertise with world-class customer service to make our clients’ lives easier. We also like to think we’re more handsome than the other guys.

I really don’t have to close down my lot?

You really don’t. We use one truck, professionally trained Pothole Repair Technicians and it takes about 20 minutes per repair. You might not even notice us, but we’ll wave if you want.

Why should I have you repair my asphalt instead of my maintenance team?

Because we’re better at it and your team has better things to do. Cold patch is messy, time-consuming and never lasts. Our repairs are fully guaranteed. Plus, with our strategic asphalt maintenance, you can delay or even eliminate expensive large repaving projects.

What is strategic asphalt maintenance?

Think of it like this: If you correctly repair asphalt when the damage is small, then you extend the life of your current asphalt, preventing the damage from growing and requiring large capital expenditures for a paving company that will shut down your lot and disrupt your business. Find out more here.

How can I save even more money?

We like how you think. We automatically give you discount if you have more than five repairs. In addition, we offer our popular PARC Program, where we do three inspections annually and give you even more discounts on repairs. Find out how to sign up for the PARC Program here.

Do you perform full paving, speed bumps, line striping, seal coating and crack fill?

We focus on fixing potholes better than anyone else. We can provide referrals to preferred partners for additional services.

Give me the nitty gritty details. Do you meet insurance and/or vendor requirements? Provide COI and W9?

We are fully insured and will provide COI and W9 upon request.

Where do you get your materials from? What material do you use?

We use hot mix from local asphalt plants, the same as big asphalt paving companies.

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