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Pothole Repair.com is the ultimate in niche service providers. When I can’t get my 
“big-boy” asphalt contractors to take care of smaller troublesome potholes, these guys 
are only a phone call away. Economical and green too!! What a great service!”
Samuel J. Cooke, Facilities Management
I had the opportunity to be on site yesterday. 
I was very impressed with the process and the attention to detail paid by your technicians. 
The cost for the scope of the repairs was substantially less than the conventional method of repair. I look forward to working with your company in the future.”
Frank Delguercio, Vice President of Property Management
Our business relies on customers’ access to our small parking lots, especially a clear path for the drive-through window. There is no one else that can fix our asphalt perfectly and be out of the way so quickly with no disruption!”
Tom Wright, Director of Facilities, A&R Foods
In my 41 years of property management, 
I have never seen a more useful, detailed and professional proposal. The documentation makes it easy for me to maintain our 41 acres of asphalt and Pothole Repair's process has helped me reduce our repair costs by 75%.” 
Mr. Robert Parker, General Manager, Southern Towers
Thanks so much for repairing the four potholes in our church parking lot. Your were quick to respond to our request, and it was a good thing because one of the potholes was large enough to swallow a small child! May our Lord bless you and the work that you perform for others."
Yvonne Hoffman, Treasurer of Trustees
Liberty Grove United Methodist Church
Unlike conventional repairs, Pothole Repair uses thermal technology, and let me tell you, the repairs look great, last longer, and are superior in every way, including price. 
I encourage you to take a look, or reach out to Terry for further details.”
James T. Massaro, Facilities Manager
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Thank you for your work, it looks great. The staff was efficient and best of all self-sufficient. The work was completed within a few hours and there was no disruption to our residents. The Board truly appreciates your services.
Tiger Keathley, CMCA, AMS
The guys were very professional and did a great job of checking in everyday when they arrived on the job site. They worked with hot materials on the hottest days of the year and never complained or got tired and patiently took the time to get the job done right. I received no complaints from residents of the repair trucks being invasive. It was a good experience on the customer end.
Marian Spencer, Business Manager
Many thanks for the quick turnaround. I must say that I’m very impressed with the proposal, detailed analysis, and inclusion of the additional pics and recommendations. I am ready to sign this proposal and return it to you....
Marc Maalouf, Association Property Manager

I am a first time customer. I was completely satisfied with the professionalism in evaluating our potholes, detailing suggested repairs with a screen share over the phone, and making the repairs as promised. This saved myself and my maintenance guy several hours of time at a distant property.
Nate Sorenson
Directory of Commercial Property Management
Hi Diane! I want to thank you and Chris for the commitment and dedication to our campus. You guys are wonderful and always make us a top priority. I appreciate your hard work and follow-through on our requests.

Have a wonderful evening,
Michael E. Reed, Aramark General Manager
Physical Plant, Lincoln University
Your work and our partnership has produced the results we were hoping for and that means that thanks to your regular inspections our pavement problems are easily repaired while they are small. Making sure that they do not become big problems and that means our pavement will last much longer preventing major replacement costs. That makes our residents pleased to see that we are on top of the maintenance of our neighborhood. So we look forward to keeping that partnership and I thank you for your service to our community.
Alan Colvin, President
Lakeside Mews HOA

Your company has been great to work with. I look forward to working with you in the future. I have given your name to other managers within our company.
Jane Coady, CMCA
Vanguard Management Associates, Inc.

The pothole fills look great!

I don't have any other Pothole vendors on my list, but you. Most of my Asphalt vendors only do very large jobs, like whole parking lot Asphalt replacements. They don't deal with potholes, so I'm very happy and lucky to have you. THANKS again,

Lisa Friel, 
Community Manager, Abaris Realty, Inc.