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Pothole Repair.com™ is the leading provider of thermal asphalt repairs, from a fixing a single pothole to ultra efficient lot management solutions. Our clients include major malls, supermarkets and retail outlets, hotels, restaurants, apartments, leisure and health businesses, hospitals, municipal facilities, homeowner associations; in short, anywhere there is a parking lot in need of maintenance or repair.

Your customer's convenience is paramount, and our solution results in less downtime than traditional methods. We minimize disruption caused by surfacing defects and potholes to your business and customers, and because a typical repair takes just 20 minutes, your lot never needs to close. 

Alternatively, we can schedule weekend or overnight repairs, eliminating 
disruption to your customers entirely. And because our system is so quiet, we won't disturb the neighbors! 

The work zone area is also minimized, as our entire asphalt repair system is self-contained in just one high-tech trailer. Because there is no jack hammering or sawing required, we quickly complete the repair in a small coned-off area, and drive away in 20 minutes leaving your lot open for business!
There are hundreds of traditional paving companies but only one Pothole repair company. We are better, faster and less expensive at repair and maintenance of:

Homeowner Association 
Roads & Driveways
The Pothole Repair.com™ Thermal Repair System is the ideal solution for HOA private roads and driveway maintenance 

We provide cost-effective, reliable, fast, service with the minimum of disruption. The average pothole or surface defect can be repaired in around 20 minutes, around half the time of traditional methods. Crucially, the process is quiet, dust-free, and doesn't create waste or mess, leaving the HOA driveway, parking area or roadway repaired and ready to use with no hassle. Timely asphalt repairs can prolong the life of the area for up to five years.

Not just for pothole repairs! The Pothole Repair.com™ Thermal Repair System is equally effective for potholes, trench surface repairs, and reinstatement of failed joints and seams.
Utility Cut Restorations
Digging up roads for utilities maintenance is unavoidable, but traditional surfacing repairs are not seamless, and can be dangerous to vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. In addition, negative media coverage has contributed to the poor public perception of utilities reinstatements. 

The Pothole Repair.com™ Thermal Repair system can reduce your costs while improving the quality of repairs, helping to avoid fines and reduce downtime associated with maintenance.

Faster, seamless repairs 

Our asphalt repairs are seamless thanks to the heat-weld achieved with our unique system. In addition, dust and waste are eliminated, and noise impact is minimized, helping to reduce the impact in residential and commercial areas. Best of all, a typical repair takes only 20 minutes. 

Pothole Repair.com™ surfacing repairs generate less than a seventh of the CO2 of traditional repairs, helping you meet emission-reduction targets.
Asphalt Repair Carbon Calculator Analysis
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Pothole Repair.com is the ultimate in niche service providers. When I can’t get my “big-boy” asphalt contractors to take care of smaller troublesome potholes, these guys are only a phone call away. Economical and green too!! What a great service!”
Samuel J. Cooke, Director of Facilities Management
I had the opportunity to be on site yesterday. I was very impressed with the process and the attention to detail paid by your technicians. 
The cost for the scope of the repairs was substantially less than the conventional method of repair. I look forward to working with your company in the future.”
Frank Delguercio, Vice President of Property Management
Our business relies on customers’ access to our small parking lots, especially a clear path for the drive-through window. There is no one else that can fix our asphalt perfectly and be out of the way so quickly with no disruption!”
Tom Wright, Director of Facilities, A&R Foods
The Pothole Repair.com thermal system is fast, highly portable and available 365 days a year. 

In my 41 years of property management, I have never seen a more useful, detailed and professional proposal. The documentation makes it easy for me to maintain our 41 acres of asphalt and Pothole Repair's process has helped me reduce our repair costs by 75%.” 
Mr. Robert Parker, General Manager, Southern Towers
 Cost effective, typically saving you 65% compared to traditional methods.

 Durable repair with high quality finish eliminates seams ending the cycle of asphalt deterioration caused by water penetration.

• Quick, quiet and non-intrusive thermal bonding 
technology completes most repairs in about 20 minutes.

• Year round service prevents small potholes from 
growing larger all winter.

• Green sustainable technology recycles waste products on-site reducing carbon footprint 85% over traditional repair methods.

• Repairs guaranteed for 12 full months.

• World-class customer service is unparalleled.

• No job too small – services designed to fix and maintain your parking lot whether you have one pothole or major repairs! 

Parking Lots
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