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Asphalt Repair System Explained

The Pothole Repair.com™ process is a unlike any other asphalt repair service you have ever seen! 

With your needs guiding our engineering efforts, we designed and perfected a revolutionary new Hot-In-Place recycling repair system. Our process lowers your cost, minimizes on-site disruption and provides permanent repairs year round!

Re-engineering the asphalt repair process from our uniquely 
customer centric perspective resulted in a solution tailored 
specifically to your needs! The heart of the system is a portable thermal bonding technology. Packaged in a small but powerful unit, we heat the pavement to 300 degree Fahrenheit in just minutes. 

The system penetrates deep down through damaged surface areas using short, medium and long wave thermal induction. This allows us to create a strong thermal bond "heat-welding" the surrounding road surface to the newly repaired area. The end result is a fast, cost efficient and durable repair.

Our process takes approximately 20 minutes from start to finish, significantly faster than alternative methods. Our ultra-efficient process requires only one vehicle with a crew of two uniformed and trained professionals. Your roadway or parking lot will be repaired and accessible to customers much faster than large repair crews with big heavy equipment could imagine. 

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