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Asphalt Repair Carbon Calculator Analysis
The Pothole Repair.com™ System
Keeps Mother Nature Happy!
Traditional methods for repairing potholes are very costly to the environment. 
Our state of the art Hot-In-Place 
recycling system is extremely friendly to the environment while also providing a better repair and saving you money!

Traditional methods release 85% more CO2 unleashing approximately 52 kilos of CO2 per repair on average.  

Pothole Repair.com™ release only about 4.2 kilos on average!
That equates to 11 trees required to absorb the carbon dioxide release from traditional repair methods, compared to just one tree with Pothole Repair.com™.

Traditional asphalt repair services use dump trucks or other large vehicles to remove waste and excess asphalt, transporting tons of material to landfills or specialized recycling facilities. Because our system recycles asphalt on site, there is no waste and we keep lots of trucks off the road, reducing truck traffic and, fuel burned and eliminating emission pollutants.

Best of all, our environmentally sustainable service provides both lower cost and more durable repairs compared to traditional methods. Add in world-class customer service at no extra cost and the choice is clear!
Starbucks Black Top goes Green
In October 2009, Bob Schreiber Regional Facility Director (Florida) for Starbucks Coffee Company tested a number of stores in Jacksonville FL for repairing Oil Pitting in parking bays. They weren't dangerous enough to call in the landlord, but aesthetically they made several high traffic stores look run down, which was bad for business. 

This was an area we normally pass to our landlord to deal with, but when we found we would save nearly 50% against normal repairs and our stores didn't have to stop trading, it was worth taking the plunge" says Schreiber. 
The results were excellent; a two-man team professionally repaired over 17 parking bays in about a day with minimal disruption. My team is now using it as and when required and I have no hesitation in recommending the system to any of my industry colleagues." 
Scottish Institute of Sustainable Technology
"The results show this process has a significantly smaller carbon footprint than the traditional process, emitting less than one seventh of that of the traditional method per pothole repair. This has been achieved through a combination of lower operational energy use and lower resource consumption. As a result, the process can recommend as preferable to the traditional process on the basis of CO2 emissions generated."

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